Adrienne Abbate, Director of the group, Tackling Youth Substance Abuse, spoke about this initiative aimed at leveraging the power of collective impact to improve health outcomes for your community’s youth. The group was founded in 2011, with funds from the SI Foundation, and it is a public-private collaboration. The project seeks to drive major improvements in youth substance abuse prevention and treatment in Staten Island. According to the group, youth substance abuse, particularly of prescription drugs and alcohol, is an alarming epidemic on Staten Island. For more information about the group contact or 718-568-3669.

The Tackling Youth Substance (TYSA) Initiative is a coalition of people and organizations who have come together for the sole purpose of decreasing youth substance abuse on Staten Island.
It is a dynamic partnership of both private and non-profit organizations; city and state government agencies; philanthropists; parents, teachers and teens, many of who have been working to combat alcohol and drug abuse for years. More... 

Tackling Youth Substance
Abuse (TYSA)

The Need is Great, The Time is Now…
Youth Substance Abuse on Staten Island
  • Staten Island has the highest proportion of youth who binge drink in NYC.
  • Staten Island also has the highest percent of youth who have used prescription medication without a prescription in NYC in the past year.
The effects of youth substance abuse are devastating for our youth, parents, families, and community.  The need for action is urgent. The well-being and future of our community is at stake.