"Logic will get you from A to Z: Imagination will get you everywhere."  Albert Einstein
 "Take your business and marinate it with the juices of understanding your customer base." Samita Loomba

Samita, Leadership Coach and a Co-author of The Coach's Journey, brings to you a defined coaching process along with years of experience in client interface, analysis, management and success. A very goal-, action-, and results-oriented individual used her own life as an example to master the skills of leadership by applying it to every aspect of her life, situation or idea and created a very happy, healthy, fulfilled, balanced and productive life.
Samita strongly believes that everyone has the potential to 'awaken' the leader within for a fulfilling life. She is passionate about helping others recognize their strengths, build upon them to create new opportunities and overcome any unique challenges. She actively works with the clients to dissect, "What is right" and " What is working", even within a challenging situation, while accounting for the required fix's. 

 Our Leadership Empowerment Program was designed specifically to help people develop and expand in their leadership abilities. The program helps you to focus on four major pillars of leadership. You learn and practice to be a leader who can not only create a trusted following but also sustain it. Learn More ›››
 Doreen Zayer of RELAX ON CLOUD 9 asks an interesting question.
 Jeff Henick of STOP & STOR makes a statement about his business.

 "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."  ~Albert Einstein
David Rampulla owner of FERRY ADs and his daughter ponder a few points.

Leadership Coaching is a process in which a trained certified coach helps you build your leadership brand. A brand that truly represents you based on your values and guiding principles. Coaching is a goal, action and results oriented process with a focus on the client's current situation as well as their plans for the future.  Services and Pricing

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