For Over 35 Years Unlimited Pest Elimination has been providing the highest quality and unmatched service for its’ customers in the NY and NJ area. Other companies control the problem, we eliminate the problem.

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Unlimited Pest Elimination Home Inspection Plan
Let Unlimited Pest Elimination Protect your Home from Pests that can ruin your Home, Health & Happiness. These Pests come in many different types of varieties and appear and all different times of the year. That is why Unlimited Pest Elimination has developed plans to protect your home through all 4 seasons of the year by providing regular treatments. We are able to stop Pests before they invade your Home. Results Guaranteed.
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Our Commercial Pest Elimination Formula consists of 7 Key Ingredients for giving your facility a total Pest Free Environment.
Our highly trained and seasoned professionals will inspect your facility from top to bottom identifying key harborage areas, resources areas, sanitation problems, possible re-infestation sources, health concerns of any sensitive occupants.

This morning BUCKS member Andy Esposito gave an detailed talk on the living habits and traits of Termites and Bed Bugs.  You might not know you have them until it is too late, visit to see the clues.  Call Andy to get the job done fast 1-800-544 PEST.