The BUCKS softball team is another outlet for the gang to get together.  The first games were played against the South Shore Rotary.   It all started at one of our picnics, we used to go out to New Jersey and when that camp was sold we then played on a field near the S.I. Mall.  Eventually we got a Parks Department Permit which allows us to use the softball field at Schmul Park in Travis.  We are not picky about who we play against and we are always looking for groups of people to play with.  In the past we have challenged the HIC (the Home Improvement Contractors ), The South Shore Rotary ( Staten Island Business Friends (, CLASSIQUE ( and as in the case of this outing, PANDORA  ( Mario Rapaglia from Barios ( always provides some refreshments and what has started with just hamburgers and beer now has something for everyone including chicken, hotdogs, red and green peppers, potato salad etc.
  It really does turn out to be a family event and the average is three games a year, this summer we closed the season with a 3.0.