Our panel discussion today was totally interactive and centered around one question.

Yes, we had homework from Steve Acker and Glen Cutrona,
The Education Committee.

"What one thing are you doing in your business this year that is new and different?"
The goal of this is to let each other know what we do in our businesses, and to perhaps gain feedback and insight from other members.

Supporting information might include:
-  Why you made this change
-  How you will implement this
-  What result you expect

It was a meaningful discussion.  We heard from Lenore Schwartz (, Howard Prussack (, Steve Coppola (, Glen Cutrona, Architect, Flint Gennari (, Mario Rapaglia (, Jeff Henick (, George Zaloom (, Robert Cutrona (

It was all good and it's great having a sounding board of 70 business owners to get feedback from.  Just one of the benefits of being in the Bucks.  Of course the resolution I remember most from this morning is my own which is to celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Bucks and the 350th Birthday of Staten Island by having a raffle where I would shoot some couple's wedding for free.  Maybe I could pick up some good publicity to counter all the money I've spent on advertisements that haven't brought any return.  LOL.