Doreen Zayer, RELAX ON CLOUD 9, discusses hiring and firing business practices. Doreen is an officer of the Bucks and a member of the SI Chamber of Commerce.
694 Clove Road, SI
Follow anti-discrimination guidelines. All inquiries, advertisements, applications, and interviews must comply with the law. Avoid any language indicating employment limitations or exclusions based on race, national origin, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.
New York is an at-will state. You don't have to give any reason to fire them, and they don't have to give any reason to leave. Preserve the at-will employment relationship. Courts consider length and terms of employment, implied-in-fact contracts of continuing work, in their verdicts regarding wrongful termination lawsuits. The best way for employers to protect themselves is to express, in writing, their at-will policies, and create an effective job application. In addition to gathering relevant information, the job application can be designed for damamge control. An effective application should contain authorization to check information listed by the applicant, such as their work record, references, arrest record, and education. Include a statement that all answers are true and any omissions or false information are grounds for termination. Employers should require separately initialed sections.
Track employee performance. Document everything in writing. This benefits both parties and can aid your worker in improving their job skills. Base raises and promotions on time-sensitive evaluations. Let employees who are doing well know that they are appreciated, and that their work is noticed and valued. Poor performance that is well-documented ensures that the employer may discipline or fire the worker.  The most important thing is for the employer to evaluate workers honestly.
Train managers thoroughly. It is essential that supervisors follow the letter of the law, company guidelines, and policies. Make sure that your managers know how to handle problems, prepare honest and thorough performance evaluations, discipline employees, avoid sexual harassment, clearly spell out any contract issues and understand job needs and employer's intentions.  
MORE GREAT TIPS: Job boards, online postings and job fairs are all standard ways that job seekers find employment. However, some job candidates are better at interviewing than at working. They just want a job, and your will do - for now. When reviewing their work history, start from the beginning and work your way through each subsequent job. Don't ask for details. Ask the same three questions: How did you find out about the job? What drew you to this job? Why did you leave your last place of employment? 

Great employees don't work hard because of lofty titles or huge salaries. they work hard because they appreciate their work environment an enjoy what they do. 
All of the massage therapists at Relax on Cloud 9 are licensed practicioners. 

"The staff were kind - Doreen is awesome - and accommodating, and the facilities are absolutely charming.
The prices are very reasonable given the quality of the massage, the atmosphere, the staff's attention to detail, lovely waiting area and facilities. 
Super place. Lovely spa experience." - Tune F. via Yelp

Harry Otterbeck officiated and dispensed valuable legal advice, while Bob Cutrona raised good points about interacting with staff.

Robert Cutrona
"The more you care, the more your staff will work for you, heart and soul. One of the key pieces is to have the right people. Success is the by-product of doing the right thing."