Red Bull Arena is the benchmark in North American soccer landscape and sets the standard for other soccer venues across the continent. The state-of-the-art soccer-specific facility, located in Harrison, New Jersey, is the new home of the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer (MLS).
Red Bull Arena has a number of unique elements that makes it the premiere North American soccer venue. Key to the design is the way the arena is structured to create atmosphere as fans in the front row will be just 21 feet from the touchlines. In addition, the main concourse is 26-feet high, eliminating the majority of field-level entryways. This gives Red Bull Arena's seating bowl a very compact, close-to-the-action feeling.
Also key to the design is its dynamic form roof—a curving structure that wraps the entire arena in an elegant metal shell. The unique stadium roof design, which creates a distinguished identity and unique atmosphere for Red Bulls fans, extends from its leading edge over the entire seating bowl and then curves down to the concourse, creating the dominate architectural statement of power and elegance. The roof extends 120 feet from the last seat to just over the field's touchlines, with 60 feet of the roof being translucent, letting in natural light.
Red Bull Arena also has unique media seating. Members of the media are up close to capture the atmosphere and action as they are seated in the lower bowl, directly behind the player benches. Accommodating 100 media members, the seating is placed at midfield with access to the main media workroom, located at field level underneath the media seating and near team locker rooms. An additional media area ia located on the 5th level, which includes three television broadcast booths and three radio booths.
The overall seating capacity for soccer matches at Red Bull Arena is 25,000, including 30 Skyboxes (20 lower level and 10 upper level) and 1,000 club seats. Other amenities include three arena clubs and two retail outlets. The skybox and club seating areas are located on the west side of the field and each location has access to their own private club areas.
The BUCKS BUSINESS NETWORK was invited by member Sean Conaghan of VALPAK to share his private skybox booth to watch a recent soccer game.  The Bucks is more than just another networking club or business guild.  The members actually enjoy each others company and attend many social outings each year.  Naturally the more you know someone the more you are likely to use ones services.  As the Bucks grow so does their family.

The bus ride home was most entertaining, after a full night of having an open bar, the Bucks members enjoyed karaoke  Session.