The STATEN ISLAND BUCKS BUSINESS NETWORK have much to be proud of, this being their 20th year.  Their latest accomplishment is bringing Dr. Story Musgrave to S.I. N.Y. to to inspire and thrill us with his exploits.  From his humble beginnings of growing up on a farm and not not even completing High School he has become (among other things) a mathematician, an engineer, An artist, a surgeon, and of course an astronaut who has been on many shuttle missions and actually was the first man to walk in space.
Story's story was compelling, he was inspirational and proves that the “American Dream” can be achieved with hard work and intelligence. He also had quite a few tidbits of wisdom to add to our businesses to help us become better at what we do. His advice on taking a child's view of the world in order to stay creative, using the skills you mastered in the past to ensure future successes, paying attention to detail and holding people accountable through simple checklists. He stressed communicating your vision so that your employees have a "mission spirit" which is so important in any team.  When words fail, one way of winning is to sell your vision with compelling artistic terms.
This presentation was in celebration of the BUCKS 20th Anniversary, Coordinated by Dave Rampulla. co-founder of the BUCKS and President of