George Stern Jr. and his guest Robert Ferone (Account Executive of
joined us for breakfast before George took the stage.
George Stern, Jr. has devoted his career to the study of the fundamentals of human behavior and personal motivation that affect professional and personal performance. He has authored and compiled 7 books, a number of articles on thinking, motivation and productivity, and a weekly newspaper column. He is a motivational speaker and corporate trainer and for over 25 years, has served on the business faculty of the City University of New York's College of Staten Island, where he teaches management and leadership at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He produces and hosts The Thinking Mind, a weekly award winning cable TV show. Through his professional development programs, workshops, teachings, writings, and TV shows, he has helped over 100,000 people increase their personal and professional performance and productivity. He has been characterized as being one of the best in his field, and a thought provoking, creative, dynamic and enthusiastic individual who makes learning fun.

A single quote can turn on a light in an otherwise darkened room.

At Inspiring Wisdom, we are committed to providing a meaningful corporate gifting opportunity through our collection of five different themed books of quotes, selected and organized to achieve the highest inspirational impact. Each book can be printed with your organization's logo and message on the cover to be given to employees, clients, prospects and friends - a truly memorable and useful source of empowerment and learning, that will be greatly appreciated. Through our own professional production team and fulfillment and distribution alliances, we are able to offer this effective marketing tool at very reasonable rates.

Wisdom does not change over time. Its principles are as true today as they were thousands of years ago. The challenge is that we forget and need to be regularly reminded from time to time.

The Inspiring Wisdom Collection is a quick & easy way to inspire and motivate you, and others, to greater happiness and performance in life, no matter what your personal or professional pursuits. In truth, we all need continual sources of inspiration & motivation as we travel through life, both as individuals and as teams. Shared principles & values, coupled with the pursuit of excellence, can take performance from good to great.

Each book can be readily available from a pocket, purse or desk drawer for that right idea to kick off a meeting, send in a note or email, or just energize your own mind and spirit. Give these powerful gifts of wisdom and inspiration to yourself and others!

George Stern Jr can be reached at 866.674.4949 or emailed at
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