Jerry Amerosi is the owner of Gerald Peters Goldmine and recent proprietor Pandora Staten Island Mall, the only Pandora jewelry store in New York City. He has invested just as much in his community as he is invested in his business – and both have been mutually beneficial and prosperous.

In the early 1990s, 18th Avenue in Brooklyn was in desperate need of community minded business leaders to help keep customers shopping on this busy commercial strip. Jerry Amerosi, along with his business neighbors, led the way through the 18th Avenue Merchants Association. Working with local local enforcement and community leaders, the problems afflicting 18th avenue, the ones keeping away customers such as drug problems, loitering, construction, were addressed for the betterment of the local merchants and community as a whole. His community minded spirit and loyalty to his customers helped him transition his business to Staten Island when he decided to relocate Goldmine Jewelers to the Staten Island Mall. Many of his customers followed him to Staten Island helping him build his business and eventually adding Pandora products to the menu of fine jewelry he offers in now two locations. Now many of those original customers' children shop at both Gerald Peters Goldmine and Pandora. It is also not unusual to see grown children of his colleagues and friends working for Jerry.

Jerry has received many awards and achievements throughout his business tenure. He received awards from organizations such as the Alzheimer Foundation and American Cancer Society. He is a member of various business and charitable groups such as BUCKS Business Network, S.I.E.D.C. and Rotary Club of Staten Island. Below is a list of some of Jerry’s awards and achievements.
Jerry has donated jewelery to countless charities and non-profit organizations. In 2010 alone, he donated jewelery to over 50 different organizations! Jerry has been a coach for the South Shore Little League and Giants and Goldmine Jewelers has sponsored a team since 1997. He was kind enough to donate championship rings to the 2010 South Shore Little League National All-Star team.

Through his connection to the Rotary Club, Jerry mentored a youth from war-torn Bosnia in helping him achieve his dream of becoming a jeweler by arranging for schooling in the United States and helping him obtain prospective employment and training.

Recent news released from Homeland Security prompts Jerry Amerosi, a jeweler with decades of experience in the business and owner of Gerald Peters Goldmine Jewelers and the first Pandora store in New York City (both stores are located in the Staten Island Mall), to remind his customers and neighbors that buying counterfeit jewelry, “knock-offs”, just doesn’t pay off. It doesn’t pay off to the buyer of it and most certainly to the reputable business owners in our community selling the “real deal”.

“The perpetuation of knock-offs is driven by the belief that you are getting a good deal. Although prices may be cheaper with knock-offs, the trade-off in quality, usefulness, and lifespan of what you purchase, is diminished. And, in this bad economy, it directly hurts the financial well-being of the “mom and pop” stores here in our community - our neighbors, “ commented Jerry Amerosi.

According to a recent article from the Homeland Security Newswire, in FY 2009, there were 14,841 seizures of counterfeit goods and unlicensed knock-offs imported into the United States, with a domestic value of $260.7 million.

Approximately $15.5 million in watches and watch parts were seized in 2009.

Approximately $10.5 million worth of fake jewelry was seized in 2009.

How do you know when real is in fact real, here are some examples
When buying a Pandora bracelet\charm look\ask for this:
- letters ‘ALE’ together with 925 on silver items and the numbers 585 on gold items. ‘ALE’ is the initials of Per Enevoldsen’s father (founder of Pandora) who was called Algot Enevoldsen.
- Many Pandora items, including Pandora bracelets also now include the Pandora crown.
- Ask the person\establishment you are buying the Pandora item if they are an authorized Pandora Retailer. If you can’t find one, visit the Pandora website for a listing. If you shop on eBay be warned that most eBay sellers are not authorized sellers of Pandora Jewelry.
Some background on counterfeit watches. When purchasing a Tag Heuer remember:

- counterfeits have an extremely rough finish of the movement parts. Real Tag Heuer watches would have a much smoother and polished look.

- look for a manufacturer’s logo or stamp and\or reference number.

IMG_3246RJerry is a long time member of the BUCKS BUSINESS NETWORK and was inerviewed as part of his 20 minute presentation by fellow Buck Glen Cutrona, Architect.