Robin Lefkowitz is in the banking business for the long haul.  She was with Greenpoint which then got brought by Northfolk.   In 1998 she became the sales manager at 1 Penn Plaza in NYC.  It was an exciting time but naturally things run like a rat race in the big bad city.  When the Staten Island Savings Bank needed someone she was happy to be able to spend her days closer to her family.  In 2007 she joined Northfield and she gave them goals.  She wholeheartedly believes in excellent customer service and her staff loves her as she celebrates every-ones successes and the achievements in their lives.  Northfield Bank operates 20 convenient locations in Staten Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey.  She is a pleasure to work with and you can meet her at the 1731 Victory Blvd Staten Island branch or call her at 718 448 1000 ext 539.  Another way to touch base with her is through email and hers is