IMG_1411RInterim President William J.Fritz PhD Joined us this morning to expand on new developments at the College of Staten Island. It is a very unique campus in New York and they have a new branding and logo. " Many Voices,One Vision"   Two new buildings are up and now with roofs.   Both are residence halls  and will house 450 students.  All programs are geared for students success and service to the community.   There are Hundreds of resources to educate students and counting. 2 million dollars is going towards a building that is being renovated and Ground was broken on a building to house their high performance  latest model tray computer, the most powerful on the entire northeast.  Also the CSI boasts two electron microscopes, no other college has two!   These machines are used by undergraduate students and this experience will enable them to be sought after by medicine, law and science schools.   The need for a college degree in this day and age is absolute necessary to work toward the American Dream.   There are 130 PhD students full time on campus who work along Masters to insure proper education and needed  preparation.  Some little known facts are that there are 26 thousand students on S.I. each working hard to foster their future and that there are still 32 million adults are illiterate in America.