Members must be licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs (or ap- propriate agency for specialized trades) for a minimum of (3) three years before joining, and undergoing our screening process. This process includes checking the firm’s complaint record with the licensing agency and obtaining written references from applicants, banks and suppliers. If screening results are favorable, a two thirds majority vote of approval by our Membership is then required before formal acceptance of the applicant. The Directory has been prepared for the consumer as part of our efforts to educate the community as to how to choose a contractor, and to alert homeowners of the risks involved in dealing with unlicensed contractors.
Provides a free referral service, acts as a clearinghouse for consumer complaints against Member contractors and we have several ongoing programs in connection with consumer education and protection.
Effort to maintain standards of quality and professionalism.

Gerald Amerosi


Gerald is an upstanding citizen in the community. He hesitates to buy gold from strangers, people without identification, and suspicious characters.
Pandora is launching a new magazine for jewelry lovers.
Frank Waite
It's unfortunate that the people who manufacture doors are more interested in beauty than in the security of the doors. It's always advisable to get the best deadlocks and some sort of outside viewing, such as cameras or atleast intercoms. Never open your door to strangers!

Salvatore Sottile
212-509-5380/ 917-299-8303
Sal was instrumental in uncovering the vast scope of the pill epidemic on SI, pointing out the local people and businesses involved in the rampant drug trafficking. Things have changed, and it is hard to recognize drug abusers nowadays; many are youth, well-dressed and from good families. Sal has over 300 security guards on staff patrolling the island to make sure you're safe.
"For us, it's personal. Our strengths are honesty, integrity and compassion. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.
The way we challenge the status quo is by making our service specific, affordable & consistent. As a result, we just happen to offer great security guard services." - Salvatore Sottile, President