Marlene Markoe-Boyd
40 Tompkins Circle
Staten Island, NY 10301

Marlene Markoe-Boyd is one of the newest members to Bucks. She made a Power Point Presentation to demonstrate her business acumen.
Marlene is the Vice President of MJM Public Relations.
"We at MLM Public Relations, Inc. are proud to be able to offer you creative and affordable public relations planning enhanced by dedicated personal service. We will work with your creative services to further reach your media goals and service market."
Partners Marlene Markoe-Boyd and MaryLee Montalvo joined forces as an independent public relations company in 2000.
MLM Public Relations has worked with groups including the Staten Island Zoo; Staten Island Botanical Garden; Gift of Limbs; Historic Richmond Town; Council on the Arts and Humanities; The Christopher Group; The New York Center for Interpersonal Development; the Staten Island AIDS Task Force; Gerald Peter’s GoldMine Jewelers; AppleMetro, Inc (owners and operators of AppleBee’s and Chevys restaurants); The Nicotra Group; The Hilton Garden Inn; and Relax on Cloud Nine.
"Working with MLM Public Relations is like having friends who not only understand but also help meet your needs. As a new not-for-profit arts organization in the community, we are thrilled to have found MaryLee and Marlene. Their expertise with our market, their ability to innovate, and their persistent efforts have helped put us on the map in just one short year. As we build our place in the Staten Island cultural community, we feel fortunate to have them at our side."
- Beth Gittleman, Founding Associate Producer
The Harbor Lights Theater Company
Please click here to see Marlene's professional power point presentation: