January 26, 2011 speaker

David Mercaldo PhD Author and Playwright: Rounding off a five year tour of over 300 organizations throughout the metro area, Dr. David Mercaldo was invited to the BUCKS weekly breakfast meeting to share his life experiences and discuss his regional best-selling novel…FERRY that celebrates the Italian experience in America during the mid-twentieth century. The novel brings a refreshing and untainted look at the “real Italians” as they struggled to adapt and achieve in their new country. The characters and anecdotes have an endearing power that has caused readers to testify…”David Mercaldo has a way of bringing out human emotions in his readers!” Carol Benanti of the Staten Island Advance wrote "FERRY is a delight and a true depiction of family life as I know it to be…pays homage to those of Italian descent and dispels the common misconceptions associated with Italian Americans"