Several years ago, Tom Brokaw
wrote a book titled “The Greatest
Generation.” The book tells the
stories of many Americans – individual
men and women who
gave unselfishly when called
upon to fight for their country
and, thereafter, to rebuild America.
With shared sacrifices, hard
work and fiscal prudence, they rebuilt
our country into a nation
unparalleled in history. Everyone
pitched in. Everyone shouldered
the burden.
If someone wrote about our
current generations, they might
call the book “The Greediest Generations.”
We are living in a culture
of greed. Wall Street fat cats,
corporate executives, professional
football players, union members,
pensioners and Medicare recipients
all look to squeeze out
the last nickel.
Pension recipients refuse to
consider reforms that only affect
future pension plans, not theirs.
Union members do not want to
contribute even a minimal
amount more to their health
Medicare recipients take advantage
of many diagnostic tests
that are unnecessary, and
Medicare providers happily provide
the unnecessary tests as attested
to by the recent exposure of
“doubling-up CT scans.” Recently,
the president’s committee on reducing
debt recommended increasing
the eligibility age for Social
Security, phased in over 50
years. Of course, the initial response
was a resounding no.
Or, try talking to affluent retirees
who need no financial assistance
about possibly reducing
their Social Security benefits –
another resounding no. So we
continue. We continue borrowing
money to pay for unsustainable,
underfunded programs. We continue
expanding entitlement programs
and financing them with
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Robert Cutrona, president of
Project One Services, is a director of
Business Trends and a long time member of the BUCKS BUSINESS NETWORK.