November 21, 2012 

Small Business Adminstration's Ed Piszko, Kevin Wynne, and Director Dean Balsamini
discuss Disaster Relief and Business Recovery
Business Recovery for Small Business Facility Contact for Information & Appointment, call SBDC Advisor George Telmany @ 718-982-2595, SBA Chris Maggio or Tom Colgin
@ 718-982-2495, or Staten Island SBDC Center @ 718-982-2560. College of Staten Island (The City University of New York), 2800 Victory Blvd., Bldg 1A - Room 102, S.I., NY 10314. 
Hours are Monday - Friday from 10am - 7pm, and Sunday 10am - 2pm. For an Appointment, or More Information, Contact SI SBDC @ 718-982-2560. - Director Dean Balsamini
"All support services provided by government agencies during disasters are free - beware of scams! Don't fall prey to empty promises by individuals who make false claims
and require you to give them money or confidential info about your bank account, credit card number, etc. The SBDC is a program supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 
and extends to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. SBA cannot endorse any products, opinions, or services of any external parites or activities."
Regarding Hurricane Sandy, which occurred on October 27, 2012, most counties of Manhattan, NY; Fairfield County, CT, and Bergen, Hudson and Passaic County of NJ were economically effected by the disaster and are eligible for low-rate SBA loans. Application Deadline for Physical Damage is December 31, 2012 and for Economic Injury, the deadline is July 31, 2013. Applicants must be able to repay all loans. The interest rates range from 1.688% - 6.000%. Loan limit ceiling amounts range from $ 2 million dollars for Business Loans, and $ 200,000 for Home Loans. Personal Property loans are not to exceed $ 40,000. Only uninsured or uncompensated disaster losses are eligible. Secondary homes, boats, aircraft, RVs and the like are not acceptable. Functional personal property may be, and there are limited funds for home improvements. You may use your disaster relief loan for relocation. Insurance may be required. For further assistance, call 1-800-659-2955 or emailing
Dean Balsamini <>, Edward Piszko <>