The Rally was unquestionably a success. As mentioned by several speakers, this is just the beginning. We had a good turnout from the politicians and their representatives. Those that did not participate "were noticed".
We have a great opportunity to build on this momentum. It is already being planned to get back to our electives as quickly as possible - thanking them for their support and setting up a mechanism for regular dialog with them. We recognize that they have an uphill battle in championing our cause. However, if we can move forward jointly in a coordinated fashion it should increase our chances for success. 
Based upon some conversations I had with these representatives after the Rally, it is apparent that they have access to information and their own ideas about how to effect the changes we seek. I feel that the more we can share views, information, and strategies the stronger we can be. 
Just some food for thought.
Regards, John E. Nikolai,