John Constantino has been a very fine president for the last two years and this is his last Offiical Board Meeting.
Under his watch the group has grown and he has presided over many important events including the Bucks 20th Anniversary celebrations.
President John Constantino expressed his appreciation for the following officers during his term:  Vice President Scott Weisberg, Treasurer Andrew Bienstock for the first year and Doreen Zayer for the current, Recording Secretary, Cathy Pellegrino, Corresponding Secretary, Lenore Schwartz, Sergeant at Arms, Lou Belino for the first year and Rich Grado for the current.  All who served as Board Members for both years, Steve Acker, Gerald Amerosi, Robert Cutrona, Jeff henick, Harold Otterbeck, Mario Rapaglia, Sal Sottile and Steve VillaMarin.  Committee members:  Mario Rapaglia for securing speakers, Pat Santillo for maintaing our social calendar, Doug MacKenzie and Frank Waite for running the 50/50, Steve Acker and Glen Cutrona for their always insightful panels,  Dr.Nkanga for standing by endlessly and providing blood test screenings,  Dan Schiffner for carrying the torch and taking over the role of website mastermind,  Flint Gennari who created the blog & whose camera is always there to provide content, Membership chairs Lenore Schwartz and Maryann Piazza, Education chair Steve Acker, Marketing chairs Doreen Zayer and Steve Cappola, Finance wiz Ed Piszko, In charge of Elections  2011 Steve Acker and Tom Scarangello and 2012 Glen Cutrona and Tom Scarangello, helpers Gerri Frederickson and Howard Purssack, By-laws Harold Otterbeck, Past President Committee – all past presidents who assisted with pressing issues, Fund Allocation Lenore Schwartz, Steve Acker, Tom Scrangello, Ed Piszko, Harold Otterbeck, Politican Bob Cutrona, Accounting Greg Illiceto.  We had a wonderful two years.

Harold Otterbeck on behalf of the BUCKS thanked President John Constantino for serving two years as president and for all his wonderful accomplishments.