Gladys Schweiger spoke at the Buck's meeting on December 29, 2011. Gladys told members of the number of people on Staten Island with Alzheimer's Disease which is just short of 26,000 ranging in age from late 40s and above. The Alzheimer's Foundation of Staten Island holds regular support groups for caregivers and early stage patients and spouses/caregivers. The Foundation offers free services to all our clients which include:

ACES OUTREACH- Advocacy, Counseling and Entitlement Services- Assistance with Medicaid, Disability and other entitlement.

EQUIPMENT LOANS- Rental of commodes, tub chairs, wheelchairs, diapers, bed pans, nutritional supplements, etc. to any senior in need on Staten Island.

FRIENDLY CALLS AND VISITS- Foundation representatives call or visit Alzheimer's caregivers to offer assistance and support.

LENDING LIBRARY- Videos, Catalogs and Books are available to assist those who want to learn more about the disease.

REFERRAL- Includes information on Island agencies, options for Islanders and our 170+ page book containing   avenues of assistance available on Staten Island.

SAFE RETURN-  A bracelet/necklace identification system used to track wandering patients.

SEMINARS- Monthly seminars held in two locations to educate caregivers on the disease and on care giving.

ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS TELEVISION SEMINAR- Shown every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on channel 34 (CTV). Topics of the show pertain to caregivers' assistance of Alzheimer's patients.

SMOKE DETECTOR INSTALLATION- Distributed and installed free of charge to any senior on Staten Island.

SUPPORT GROUPS- Eight caregiver support groups held at different times and locations on Staten Island. In addition, we have one weekly Early Diagnosis Patient and Spousal group, one monthly professional group and one monthly television support group.

The Foundation is going through very serious financial times due to not receiving promised Capital Grants. Our building is now up for sale and we are looking for new space. Any help along these lines would be appreciated.