At the last BUCKS BUSINESS NETWORK breakfast meeting we had the great pleasure of once again listening to FRITZ SEYFERTH  expand on his "Foundation of WinningTM" Systems
 Fritz Seyferth founded FS&A, a Team Building/Leadership Development practice after 27 years in leadership with some of our nation’s most successful organizations.

FS&A shares what makes enduring success and meaning in life possible for organizations and for leaders, through the "Foundation of WinningTM" principles and disciplines. When these principles and disciplines are honored, they aid us in decision making to naturally realize our individual, and/or organizational greatness. The information below outlines the "Foundation of WinningTM" disciplines and how they are integrated to realize individual and organizational greatness.
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The Principles of Mankind
Happiness - Why we do what we do
slide 9 Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato studied why mankind does what it does and found "Happiness" at the root of our actions. Fr. Robert Spitzer organized these findings in his book "The Spirit of Leadership" where he shares... we each have Four Levels of Happiness in us at all times. We need to understand which level we default to under pressure and which level drives our decision making, and most importantly which level are we pursuing.
We will help clarify your organizations current level of Happiness, the level you desire, and share the disciplines to aid strategic movement toward that level.
For more information on "The Four Levels of Happiness", please go to the Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership
Boundaries - Alignment brings comfort, security, and creativity

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FS&A is built upon the following Core Values that guide us in our relationships:
  • Trust
    As we build “trust” in each other, the opportunity for growth accelerates.
  • Honesty and Integrity
    Our word is our bond.
  • Excellence
    We are challenged by an uncompromising standard of excellence in service of our purpose.
  • Growing
    “Every day… we are either getting better or we are getting worse, we do not stay the same... Bo Schembechler”.
  • Caring
    We thrive in caring relationships that help each other become all we can be.

The Performance Equation:

"In looking for someone to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. But the most important is integrity, because if they don't have that, the other two qualities, intelligence and energy, are going to kill you."

Performance = Cultural Fit + Competency Fit + Behavioral Fit
Gifted individuals have options and know they will excel in organizations where they "fit". We can help you clarify your identity, and develop reinforcing systems that encourage individual alignment, permitting you to attract "A" Players who will naturally realize their potential by aiding your organization realize its potential.

The "Foundation of WinningTM" Systems are founded on the natural principles of mankind. We will share these principles and disciplines, that get your team "on the same page", making the journey to meaningful and enduring success an enjoyable journey

FS&A has been able to help companies who have said:
  • “We are not on the same page, as we should be.”
  • “We are growing, having more challenges, and making less money.”
  • “I am not sure if we have hired the right people, or have them in the right positions.”
  • “We do not have a succession plan in place, and are not sure if we have the players we need.”

Honoring Your Organizational Identity
slide 12 Honoring your Organizational Identity starts with first clarifying it. FS&A will help you clarify your Organizational Identity, by clarifying when your organization is at its natural best. We will surface your Purpose for existing, your Vision for the future of the organization, and your Core Values you honor in service of your Purpose when at your best. All organizations have an identity underlying them, they usually just need to be clarified. We will help you better know when you are, and are not being true to who you are when at your natural best.
Examples we see today that exemplify teams with strong Identities and are "on the same page" are Google, Southwest Airlines, and the new Orleans Saints.

Fit - with individual Identity
slide 16 slide 17 Just as organizations have an identity, so do individuals. Organic and natural alignment occur when we can assess how well the individual's Identity "fits" in alignment with the organizations Identity. It is like 5,000 pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, but there are 50 puzzles. To make the best picture possible, the right pieces need to be in the right puzzle. Neither is wrong if they do not fit, they just do not "fit". The same is true for our staff, there may be nothing "wrong" with them, they just do not fit and need to move on to realize their natural potential. Likewise, when we know what "fit" looks like, we can always be on the "look-out" for those who would help make our organization better, naturally.

Recruiting and Selecting your Team
Once the foundation of "Who we are" is clarified by your Purpose, Vision, and Core Values, then "fit" becomes much easier to understand. You can build your team through strategic recruiting by developing targeted questions addressing your Organizational Identity to see how well the applicants may "fit". When "fit" comes before talent, each individual can realize their potential, which then permits the organization to realize its potential. We will help you attract "A" players who "fit", giving you the competitive advantage to realize greatness.

Team - what do great teams look like?
slide 18 Just like the best athletic teams that win over and over, the team must come first. We will help your team assess where they are as a team and see what they need to do to become the team of their desires. The joy that comes from winning together consistently exceeds individual accomplishments, as shared by Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle in the "Four Levels of Happiness".
Through Team Building exercises FS&A will help each member of the team understand the importance of their role and contribution to the team.

 Are you strategic in your recognition and reward systems? Rewarding team members for decision-making in alignment with the goals of your organization aids individuals in doing what is best for the organization. Rewards are provided for decisions leading to honoring your identity. Rewarding anything else confuses the team.
Aiding the Leader, and Leadership Team
Leaders are mentors and role models by default. Those who follow are learning and growing by following the ways, means, and attitudes of the leaders. FS&A will help leaders understand how their decision making can effectively enhance the culture of the organization, bringing greater and greater alignment in how decisions are made to honor the organizations culture, while moving it strategically toward an unrealized Vision.

Leadership Team Development
Individually we each bring assets to the benefit of the organization beyond our imaginations. FS&A will work with Leadership Teams to help them become the collaborative and synchronized force the staff is seeking guidance and motivation from. We will aid in understanding each individual's natural behavior, talents, and skills that can be capitalized upon to benefit the organization. The team will be challenged to capitalize upon the individual assets available, as well as the collective assets to move the organization toward its desired Vision. The principles and disciplines for Leadership Team Development are found below in Individual Development, and the respectful sharing of these principles.

Individual Leadership Development
Leaders individually need confidence in who they are in order to lead in a consistent and trusting manner.
will work with leaders to help them better understand who they are by understanding their personal Foundation of Winning. The components of these systems and disciplines are the same for the individual as the organization, described earlier. Moving forward in search of realizing personal potential requires reflection on past decision making, events and outcomes of our path through the jungle of life. It is through the study of this personal journey of:
  • "What went well, and why?"
  • "What did not go well, and why?" and perhaps most importantly
  • "What were we both most passionate about and most successful?"

The "Foundation of WinningTM" principles and disciplines that make great organizations successful are the same for the individual. Who we are when we are honoring our most natural self provides the consistent foundation to realize individual potential. An organization realizes its natural potential when all inside that organization are permitted to realize their individual natural potential in service of the organization.


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