Mario Rapaglia is the owner of BARIO'S PIZZERIA RESTURANT and CATERERS. 2011 is his 22nd year in business, he opened in 1989 when he was 23 and has been making pizza since he was 13.  His hands have made over 500 thousand pizzas!  He does it all from pizza to picnics.  He has a full service restaurant with 3500 sq ft and seating for 74 people. Bario's delivers all day, every day, anywhere on Staten Island.
He has a very large menu which includes a healthy choice with low carb and low fat gourmet food.  They strive to give the most value for the dollar,  for 18 months in the heart of the recession they have a ONE DOLLAR SLICE SPECIAL with a average weekly sale of 4000 slices!! Check out their lunch specials with 150 different options. As for his very popular catering business, they offer the following- Continental breakfasts, hot buffet breakfast, brunches, their most popular package is the deluxe hot buffet.  There is alot of variety including steak dishes and gourmet pastas which includes the signature "Barracho Dish" consisting of corkscrew pasta, crumbled hot sausage, baby shrimp, diced red bell peppers in a cream sauce.  Also very very popular is the Royal Hawaii luau Menu that has a roasted & decorated suckling pig.  The many appetizers and desserts include chicken cordon bleu bites and other tidbits which are great at cocktail parties with passed around horsdeurved. He can also come to your backyard and do a BBQ feast where all the food is freshly grilled on your premises with their
equipment.  Whether you are celebrating with your friends or grieving at an family bereavement, leave the cooking to Bario's, you'll be glad you did.

Everyone on Staten Island has tasted Bario's cooking.  He provides hot and cold lunch's programs for various Catholic and Lutheran schools and even some public schools. Many party centers on S.I. also call on him such as Gymboree, Chelsea Playground, Ricky's, Victory Sports Arena, Roller Jam and Kiddie Palooza.  Bario's is now running the concession stands at the South Shore little league as well as the Great kill's little league.  Let us not forget that they are the exclusive caterers for the Alzheimer's Foundation's Memory Lane Party Hall which raises money for desperately needed services they provide for unfortunate sufferers. 

Visit Bario's at 446 Nome Ave or call them at 718 370 0100.  No matter what time of day, it's always time to eat at Barios...